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Bus Around the World: Tibet

20 Apr

Crossing Through the Mountains of Tibet

Picture taken by Hugo Teixeira

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Inspiring Travel Videos: “Make It Count” by Nike

11 Apr

This is a fun travel video made by Nike and released two days ago on the following theme “Make it Count”. Two guys crisscross the world in 10 days, running from one place to another, exploring new places and seizing the day.

It’s hard to resist the exhilarating rush of spontaneous worldwide travel! It’s also a great reminder that it’s OK sometimes just to go for it, buy a ticket, try things, make errors and break rules. Enjoy!

Bus Around the World: Pushkar, India

5 Apr

Looks like you’re not alone when waiting for the bus in India

Photo of a bus station in Pushkar, India, taken by Randy Adams.

If you have a cool bus photo you’d like to submit, please contact us!


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