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FailCamp MTL, le 22 février chez Busbud

17 Feb


Nous sommes super heureux d’accueillir le FailCamp MTL ce samedi 22 Février à partir de 14h30! Les conférenciers de cette édition seront Cynthia Savard, JS Cournoyer, Mélanie Joly, LP Maurice, Marc Gagne, Claude Théorêt, Jevto Dedijer et Michel Nadeau.

L’évènement, organisé par Rami Sayar, Gabrielle Madé et Francis Gosselin, est dédié à la célébration de l’échec sous toutes ses formes, sans tabou. Après tout on le sait bien, faire des erreurs arrive même aux meilleurs!

L’après-midi promet d’être intéressant, et le public motivé. La preuve: les places se sont envolées en quelques minutes la semaine dernière.
Pour ceux qui n’auront pas obtenu de place, vous pouvez tout de même suivre la conversation sur twitter: #failcampmtl

Pour les autres, à samedi!

Voici le programme:
14:30 – Design et Web – Cynthia Savard Saucier (FR)
15:00 – Startups – JS Cournoyer + LP Maurice (EN)
15:30 – Physique et science – Claude Théorêt (FR)
16:30 – Technologie – Marc Gagne (EN)
17:00 – Politique et vie publique – Mélanie Joly (FR)
17:30 – 19:00 Unconference + Cocktail

Busbud Joins Smart Move Campaign

25 Jan

Smart Move Campaign

Busbud is happy to announce that we will be joining as a partner Smart Move, a global industry awareness campaign to double the use of buses and coaches and achieve sustainable mobility for all.

Since its launch in 2011, Busbud has been committed to promoting bus travel to its audience of travellers around the world, notably by making it easier than ever before to search and book bus travel online.

The Smart Move campaign is a joint effort by the IRU and Busworld and is endorsed by 85 committed partners around the world. Smart Move’s mission is to promote the bus as a safe, environmentally-friendly, affordable, user-friendly and efficient means of collective passenger transport.

Buses and coaches offer an optimal solution to a range of current mobility challenges facing modern societies, including climate change, road safety, connectivity, social inclusion and congestion, to name but a few.

Smart Move Bus Shot

Source: Smart Move

Smart Move also aims to raise political and media awareness that the sustainable mobility solutions we seek are at our fingertips, simply by doubling the use of bus and coach transport worldwide. In Europe alone, such an increase would have the following impact:

  • A reduction in CO2 emissions by at least 50 million tonnes per year;
  • A reduction in fatalities on roads and streets, by more than 3000 per year;  
  • A significant reduction of congestions in cities at zero cost for taxpayers, as a result of the expected 10-15% reduction in car traffic;
  • The creation of 4 million new jobs.

In fact, buses and coaches are clear environmental champions compared to other modes of mass transport (especially car and air)! The following graph shows the level of CO2 emissions for various modes of transport per passenger/kilometer.

Co2 Emissions Chart

Source: World Tourism Organisation (WTO)’s Conference on environmentally friendly travelling in Europe, 2006 via Smart Move

At Busbud, we think that Smart Move’s mission is so important and so closely interwoven with our values that we simply had to partner up together to help spread the message!

We look forward to working with Smart Move in the future to keep promoting bus and coach travel worldwide as an affordable, efficient and eco-friendly travel option.

To learn about Smart Move, visit their website, or follow them on FacebookTwitter or Youtube today!

Busbud Joins as Ticketing Partner for Orleans Express’ “Student Fridays & Sundays” Promotion

6 Dec

Busbud announces today that it will be participating as a ticketing partner in the limited time only Student Fridays & Sundays promotion by Quebec bus operator Orléans Express.

The special promotion allows weekend travel by students (with a valid full-time student ID) on the Montreal-Quebec route for only 22$ one-way, taxes included! This discounted pricing is available until December 21st, 2012. Special departures are available Fridays and Sundays from Montreal and Quebec. The pick-up points are the Gare d’Autocars de Montréal and the Université de Laval à Québec for added convenience for students.

We are thrilled to collaborate with Orleans Express on this promotion, which should facilitate travel for students in Quebec during this holiday period. Busbud aims to make it easier to discover and book travel around the world, and we’re also happy to work with bus companies who are looking for new and innovative ways to reach bus travelers.

“Students are an important part of our business and we are happy to offer this special promotion to meet their travel needs”, said Marc-André Varin, VP of Business Development, Marketing and Communications at Keolis Canada, the parent company of Orleans Express.

Denis Andlauer, President and CEO of Keolis Canada, added: “Bus travel offers a safe, comfortable and cost-effective alternative to carpooling on Quebec’s winter roads in December. Safety is a top priority, which we address by selecting and rigorously training professional drivers, as well as by maintaining our modern fleet of buses”.

Founded in 1990, Orléans Express is the main intercity carrier for bus passengers in Quebec, transporting more than 1.7 million passengers every year. Group Orléans Express is a subsidiary of the Keolis group, a leader in public passenger transportation in France and a major player internationally with a presence in 12 countries in Europe, as well as Canada.

For more information and to buy tickets, students should visit Busbud at the Student Fridays & Sundays promotion page.


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