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Soccer and travel: a recipe for happiness

3 Jun


Hey football fans – very soon we’ll be releasing something on Busbud related to a little event happening in Brazil.. Until then, here’s a great video to get you excited:

With Bounce, filmmaker Guillaume Blanchet gives us some ingredients for happiness: a soccer ball, a GoPro, travel around the world and.. lots of fun!

Our New Busbud Intro Video

30 May

We’re very happy to debut Busbud’s new intro video.

Our Busbud team‘s very own multi-talented marketing director Alain shot the video right here in Montreal, and it also features our communications superstar Caroline as Lucie (the girl from the bus)! Our thanks goes out to everyone who agreed to participate in the video!

It is a homemade labor of love and it reflects what Busbud is all about: freedom to roam, discovery of new places and the serendipity of travel!

More than anything, we hope it gives you the urge to take the bus!

Buses are amazing both for the wallet and the environment. They’re also great for last-minute travel getaways and for exploring the landscape of new places.

Who knows, on your way to a new city, you might even meet that special someone!

Happy viewing!

Video: Epic Bus Ad from Denmark

5 Oct

Here at Busbud, we love bus ads that stand out! Here is a funny ad from Denmark’s Midttrafik that aims to change your perception of bus travel. Enjoy!

Inspiring Travel Videos: “Make It Count” by Nike

11 Apr

This is a fun travel video made by Nike and released two days ago on the following theme “Make it Count”. Two guys crisscross the world in 10 days, running from one place to another, exploring new places and seizing the day.

It’s hard to resist the exhilarating rush of spontaneous worldwide travel! It’s also a great reminder that it’s OK sometimes just to go for it, buy a ticket, try things, make errors and break rules. Enjoy!

Video: Group Travel is Smart

15 Mar

Here is a series of funny commercials from Flemish bus company De Lijn in Belgium promoting bus travel.

Inspiring Travel Videos: “Where the Hell is Matt?” by Matt Harding

8 Dec

Each week, we feature inspiring travel videos from around the world. Last week’s video was Move by Rick Mereki.

Today’s video is inspiring for its dancing in various locations around the world: Where the Hell is Matt? (2008 edition). Matt can totally rouse people to travel and spread joy around the globe by leading onlookers into moments of spontaneous dance happiness.

This video makes me smile each time I watch it, and I hope you enjoy it too. Busbud co-founder LP actually saw Matt in person in 2008 when Matt was dancing his way across Silicon Valley and might even have busted out a few dance moves in the process!

Where the Hell is Matt is part of a series of videos, including Dancing 2005 and 2006, which you can watch on Matt’s website. You can also follow Matt on Twitter or encourage his worldwide dancing adventures by buying his book!

Inspiring Travel Videos: “Move” by Rick Mereki

28 Nov


Here’s a bit of inspiration to get you out there traveling: “Move” by Rick Mereki.

Commissioned by STA Travel Australia, this short film was produced by 3 guys traveling over 44 days visiting a total of 11 countries. Sweet!


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