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Busbud Gets Ready for UK C100 Trip

12 Sep

Busbud is getting ready to participate in a trip to the UK from September 25 to 27th!

We recently announced that Busbud had been selected as a winner for the 2nd edition of the Global Adventure Competition!

Busbud will be organizing a travel event to connect with key innovators in the travel industry in collaboration with Smart Move and the Québec Government! If you’re around London, we’d love to meet you!

The Global Adventure Competition competition looks to introduce Canada’s most promising innovative technology companies to the UK’s vibrant tech community and is organized by the UK Trade and Investment Canada and supported by the C100. UK Trade and Investment Canada helps Canadian businesses launch their global adventures from the UK, and helps UK companies sell into Canada.

A few years ago, Montreal gave London its now famous “Boris Bikes”. Now, another technology from Québec promises to revolutionize the way we travel in the UK and beyond: Montreal-based Busbud is quickly becoming the Expedia for bus travel, all around the world.


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Making It Easy To Do The Right Thing

22 Apr

We have come a long way in terms of environmental awareness, but sometimes it’s still hard to do the right thing.

Source: Munster Planning Office 2001 campaign

Even the most conscious travellers, i.e. those who know that buses and coaches are the most environmentally-friendly option (see stats from our partner Smart Move), often get discouraged by the lack of accurate, trustworthy information about intercity bus routes and schedules. On the flip side, finding plane tickets and car rentals is now relatively easy thanks to services such as Kayak and Expedia.

That’s why we built Busbud: by making it easier to search and book bus travel online, we like to think we make it easier to do the right thing. And we’re really proud of that.

So on this Earth Day, we would like to give a shout out to everyone working on projects, programs and products aimed at helping others do the right thing.

We still have a long way to go on that front, but we know we’re in good company.

The photo used above is from an amazing poster campaign produced by the Munster Planning Office in 2001.

Busbud Joins Smart Move Campaign

25 Jan

Smart Move Campaign

Busbud is happy to announce that we will be joining as a partner Smart Move, a global industry awareness campaign to double the use of buses and coaches and achieve sustainable mobility for all.

Since its launch in 2011, Busbud has been committed to promoting bus travel to its audience of travellers around the world, notably by making it easier than ever before to search and book bus travel online.

The Smart Move campaign is a joint effort by the IRU and Busworld and is endorsed by 85 committed partners around the world. Smart Move’s mission is to promote the bus as a safe, environmentally-friendly, affordable, user-friendly and efficient means of collective passenger transport.

Buses and coaches offer an optimal solution to a range of current mobility challenges facing modern societies, including climate change, road safety, connectivity, social inclusion and congestion, to name but a few.

Smart Move Bus Shot

Source: Smart Move

Smart Move also aims to raise political and media awareness that the sustainable mobility solutions we seek are at our fingertips, simply by doubling the use of bus and coach transport worldwide. In Europe alone, such an increase would have the following impact:

  • A reduction in CO2 emissions by at least 50 million tonnes per year;
  • A reduction in fatalities on roads and streets, by more than 3000 per year;  
  • A significant reduction of congestions in cities at zero cost for taxpayers, as a result of the expected 10-15% reduction in car traffic;
  • The creation of 4 million new jobs.

In fact, buses and coaches are clear environmental champions compared to other modes of mass transport (especially car and air)! The following graph shows the level of CO2 emissions for various modes of transport per passenger/kilometer.

Co2 Emissions Chart

Source: World Tourism Organisation (WTO)’s Conference on environmentally friendly travelling in Europe, 2006 via Smart Move

At Busbud, we think that Smart Move’s mission is so important and so closely interwoven with our values that we simply had to partner up together to help spread the message!

We look forward to working with Smart Move in the future to keep promoting bus and coach travel worldwide as an affordable, efficient and eco-friendly travel option.

To learn about Smart Move, visit their website, or follow them on FacebookTwitter or Youtube today!


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